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Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Kolkata


Ah, Puberty. It can be a very interesting time in guy's life. It seems like every day something on your body grows bigger or hair begin sprouting somewhere, each day brings a new change or two and it can sometimes feel like hard to keep up. It doesn't happen to every guy, but one of these changes is development of breast tissue. It's called gynaecomastia. It's completely normal & almost always temporary.

What is gynaecomastia?
It is a condition in which breast tissue forms in guys and usually due to hormonal changes during puberty. Hormones are chemicals produced by your body glands. Guys have mostly androgen in their system but they have small amount of estrogen as well. In girl, breast develops due to high level of estrogen. But sometimes guys during puberty produce enough estrogen that some breast tissue develops. It can happen on one side or both side of chest and may feel tender. Sometimes it is called male breast or puffy nipple.

How common it is :
Almost half of all males going through puberty develop some degree of gynaecomastia. It is a temporary condition. But some guys with gynaecomastia feel embarrassed as self conscious about their appearance, wearing tight shirts sometimes becomes difficult. Surgical removal of breast tissue is an option in some cases.

Causes :
  1. Puberty
  2. Certain diseases
  3. Side effects of drugs - illegal drugs like marijuana, heroin
  4. Kleinfeltor Syndrome(XXY), Viral Orchitis, Renal Disease and Dialysis
  5. Testicular Tumor - leydig cell
    Neoplasm - Lungs, Gastric, Adrenal, Cirrhosis of liver hyperthyroid
  6. Medication - Herbal Medicine
Complication of Surgery:
Nipple inversion, necrosis margins of skin, pain

  • Grade I : localized button of tissue
  • Grade II : Moderate breast enlargement exceeding areola not distinct from chest wall
  • Grade III : Moderate breast enlargement exceeding areola distinct from chest wall
  • Grade IV : Marked breast enlargement, skin redundancy and female type breast
  • Grade V : Pseudo gynaecomastia (false gynaecomastia) - This has nothing to do with puberty or hormones. It's simply due to extra fat on chest
Surgical Procedure :
Usually done under general anesthesia, but can be done under local anesthesia and sedation also. You must know that routine blood investigations have to be done before any surgery. This is usually a day care surgery means procedure started in the morning and normally takes one and half hour time and usually is discharged after a few hours time.

Initially marking of field of operation is done. Then anesthesia is given either local or general. Liposuction is done to reduce excess fat of breast and chest wall , only fibrous breast disk is left. Then a small cut is made at the areola margin and fibrous breast disk is removed. Patient is discharged on same day or next day. After surgery a pressure garment is given to wear below normal dress for 6 weeks to help normal skin to fit with chest wall.

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