As an accomplished cosmetic surgeon known all over India, Dr. Arindam Sarkar has a great perception of beauty. He strongly believes in this quote that “a thing of beauty is a joy forever.”
As an able surgeon, he greatly emphasizes on symmetry and symmetry. Dr. Sarkar has passed his higher secondary level examination with multiple star marks and letter marks. He has graduated from Calcutta Medical College in Calcutta (now Kolkata) in 1987. There he was selected as junior class assistant in surgery. Later he completed his master of surgery (MS) Examination from the same institution. He has completed his MCh in plastic surgery from IPGMER Kolkata in 2002. He is also a visiting surgeon at Woodlands Multispecialty hospital, Kolkata. more...
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What is Gynaecomastia / Gynecomastia (Male Enlarged Breast)
It is a condition in which breast tissue forms in guys and usually due to hormonal changes during puberty. Hormones are chemicals produced by your body glands. Guys have mostly androgen in their system but they have small amount of estrogen as well. In girl, breast develops due to high level of estrogen. But sometimes guys during puberty produce enough estrogen that some breast tissue develops. It can happen on one side or both side of chest and feel tender. Sometimes it is called male breast or puffy nipple or man boob.

Almost half of all males going through puberty develop some degree of gynaecomastia. It is a temporary condition. But some guys with gynecomastia feel embarrassed as self conscious about their appearance, wearing tight shirts sometimes difficult. more...

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